Healing House for the family of Light near Piramids

You cann sleep in one Line with the energy of the big Piramid

About this initiative

The Healing House for the Family of Light near the Piramids is here for you, in Gizeh, Caïro, Egypt.

  • If you hear the calling of the piramides?
  • OR if you are in need for a retraite, healing
  • or want to share spirituality and healing with other people all around the globe?

    Together we will form a big family of Light, and this will be the place where we cann share our ideals and inspiration. Ask our questions and help eachother. Give OR get our inspiration and healing to help create a better world. A world where we cann be who we are and feel safe. A world made out of the openness of our hearts, with love and trying to understand eachother, where we built bridges instead of feed fear and disagreement. This is the place to be!

    You are welcome to share your info, your healing or meditations techniques. Not only here, in the Healing House of the family of Light, wich is a great offering to us all, made possible by Hosny El Khattab! But also on the facebook page:


  • We Thank you, Hosny! And if you like this Idea, you can contribute to IT with your love, creativity and wisdom. And if you like to support this Idea with money, you can make a monthly payment iff you like, wich Will be used for the nessacities in the house, so we all can benifit from IT, when we Will be there. If you like to do this, you can contact Srivalli, centrumdeanch@gmail.com 
    Cause Hosny wants IT to be for free

  • There are two appartments, with al together 8 sleeping places, incl. shower and kitchen. A lot of space to be used as workshop space, to meditate, do yoga or otherwise share inspiration. There will be a library with spiritual books, if you come and add some booksin your lnaguage or english too.

    IT is our wish to make this place, a place for refuge and inspiration for us all. And if you need healing, he or I can provide this. And if you want experience other energetic places; Hosny can arrange this for you. So be verry welcome! Contact me here or Hosny via Whatsapp: +201004939765 or via Facebook: Hosny El Saady Khattab.